Mother and boy — Red Hook New York Portrait Photographer

Last weekend I drove out to Red Hook, New York, to do a little photo shoot for my friend Marissa and her son Lincoln.  Dogs Bones and Buddha snuck in there, too.  As did a couple of Aunties.  And one “Go-go.”  (And Bob, but I’ll save those for my Boblog.)

Hope you enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS.  How do you like this slideshow mode as opposed to a gallery or just laid out like the Boblog?


5 thoughts on “Mother and boy — Red Hook New York Portrait Photographer

  1. beautiful work angie! thank you so much for this. let’s also just go ahead & plan a red hook winter weekend re-take – i can’t wait to see the little ones playing in the snow! i like the surprise of what’s to come with the slideshow vs. gallery option, but is it possible to view manually instead of auto? maybe its due to my bias because its all chock-full of the ones i love, but i felt it was too fast. i’ll just have to watch it again & again & again…huge thanks. so glad you caught the fish face!! PEACE

    • If you hover near the bottom of the image three buttons appear; you can click stop and then use the arrow keys to move forward and backward through the photos. Does that work for you?

      • i see precisely what you are referring to. fantastic technology! except i still do not know which layout i prefer. so lets try it a little larger & with a touch of ken burns effects & some sweet instrumental accompaniment with dog barking periodically mixed into the arrangement? perhaps dog whimpers versus the abrupt barking sounds would be more melodious…

  2. Angie I am soooo impressed,and so jealous your pictures are great, keep up the good work maybe you can give me some tips.

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